• Other Financial Issues

    Podcast January 2nd

    In this episode we look at why Stoke City’s, owned by £65 billion a year in wagers Bet365 want FFP to be changed. We look at the price of opening your mouth, as Mesut Ozil upsets the Chinese state broadcaster who pay a lot of money for Premier League TV rights, Sunderland director Charlie Methven calls the club’s fans uneducated and a fan gets a ban from his own club for complaining about Manchester City’s owner’s human rights record. https://share.transistor.fm/s/09e9fc7f

  • Financial Results

    Stoke City 2016/17 Results: Bring on the dancing horses

    Introduction We like Stoke City, owned by a local who has underwritten the club’s rise to the Premier League, free coaches organised for fans to away matches, decent ticket prices, oat cakes (if you’ve not tried them you are missing out), cheap beer…and Peter Crouch, one of the game’s most likeable players. The club’s financial results are similar to the club itself. Nothing too flash, solid, dependable, which begs the question, why on earth have they just been relegated? Summary of key figures Income £136 million (up 30%) Broadcast income £108.7 million (up 37%) Wages £84.9 million (up 3%) Wages to income 62% (79% in 2016) Profit before player sales…