The Price of Football podcast

On The Price of Football, Kevin Day and Kieran Maguire follow the money to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes of the beautiful game. 

Every Monday they answer listeners’ questions on everything from the latest club accounts to the cost of balls and bibs, and every Thursday they look at the news stories making the headlines around the world in the enduringly murky world of football finance.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kevin and Kieran also regularly speak to the people making it all happen within the football industry, in special interview episodes.

“My number one podcast. It’s more interesting than it sounds, believe me.” Iain Dale, LBC

“For even a casual fan (me), it’s a very interesting listen. Day asks the right questions and Maguire is impressive with his research” Miranda Swayer

“My favourite podcast.” Adrian Chiles

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