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POF’s Kieran has teamed up with Kevin Hunter Day to have a weekly chat about what’s going on in the world of football finance.

Episode 152: Brett Johnson, new Ipswich Town owner, interview, plus Football Index leak, and a bit of Zlatan.

Episode 151: Questions answered on ESL. Bordeaux go into administration and front of shirt sponsors for national teams.

Episode 150: The Athletic’s Matt Slater interviewed as schemers, plotters and all round Wrong ‘Uns create and then run away from a Franchise League of ‘big’ clubs in Europe.

Episode 149: Staff numbers at clubs, Malaga dodgy owner issues and FA Cup prize money distribution amongst some of the many questions from listeners.

Episode 148: Football Manager guru and new Wigan Athletic director Tom Markham interview. Swindon Town ownership shenanigans and Manchester United to buy an Aussie club?

Episode 147: Ipswich Town takeover, analysis of Newcastle fans attempt to buy a share in the club and National League board vote of no confidence.

Episode 146: Interview with SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster on the impact of Covid, polarisation of income, Atlantic League and all things North of the border. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-price-of-football/id1482886394#episodeGuid=257b96a2-6831-4bfc-a99a-bed05bb2ed67

Episode 145: Independent football ombudsman, US ownership in the Premier League, community club regulation.

Episode 144: National League Vote of No Confidence:

Episode 143: The Real Price of Football

Kevin and Kieran analyse the “real” price of football, by estimating how much money they’ve spent over their time supporting their respective clubs, and find out where the cash generated by disciplinary fines ends up.

Episode 142: WSL TV Deal and FIFA’s accounts

Episode 141: Manchester United Shirt Deal, Celtic and Rangers.

Episode 140: Belgium and Netherlands League? Football Academy Education.

Episode 139: Football Index Administration, Avram Glazer cashes in on Manchester United.

Episode 138: Sheffield Wednesday finally publish their accounts, Coventry City interview.

Episode 5: Do we pay your wages?

We’ve all heard of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations, otherwise known as FFP, but how do they work, what happens to clubs that break the rules, and what are the ways that some clubs get around them? Plus, Kevin and Kieran ask whether fans can justifiably claim to pay their club’s players’ wages. 

Episode 4: How will Brexit affect football in the UK and Europe?

How will the proposed changes to the Champions League affect clubs’ finances? Plus, what impact will Brexit have on the beautiful game in the UK and Europe?


Episode 3: Manchester United, does size matter?

Just a few seasons ago Manchester United were the richest and most successful club in England. In recent years, though, performances have dropped considerably on the pitch and they now miss out on the Champions League just as regularly as qualify. So what affect, if any, has that drop in playing standards had on the club’s finances? Plus, just how big is the Premier League compared to other industries? And what’s the latest on the Sale of Sheffield Wednesday’s ground, Hillsborough?


Episode 2: Mike Ashley, Evil Genius or Misunderstood Cheeky Cockney?

Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United in 2007. Plenty of the fans don’t like him but what does the club’s balance sheet tell us about his reign? Also, what’s going on with the millions Barcelona paid Liverpool for Phillipe Countinho? And how big is the Premier League anyway?


Episode 1: The Steve Dale Fan Club

Asset strippers, sociopaths and idiots. How Bury Football Club was allowed to die due to negligence and greed. https://share.transistor.fm/s/cb5acec7

Episode 145

Kevin and Kieran look into how the Independent Football Ombudsman operates, whether Premier League clubs will vote more on a regional basis now that seven clubs are US-owned, and analyse how community-owned clubs are regulated.