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POF’s Kieran has teamed up with Kevin Hunter Day to have a weekly chat about what’s going on in the world of football finance.

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Episode 5: 7 October 2019

Episode 4: 31 October 2019

How will the proposed changes to the Champions League affect clubs’ finances? Plus, what impact will Brexit have on the beautiful game in the UK and Europe?


Episode 3: 24 October 2019

Just a few seasons ago Manchester United were the richest and most successful club in England. In recent years, though, performances have dropped considerably on the pitch and they now miss out on the Champions League just as regularly as qualify. So what affect, if any, has that drop in playing standards had on the club’s finances? Plus, just how big is the Premier League compared to other industries? And what’s the latest on the Sale of Sheffield Wednesday’s ground, Hillsborough?


Episode 2: 17 October 2019

Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United in 2007. Plenty of the fans don’t like him but what does the club’s balance sheet tell us about his reign? Also, what’s going on with the millions Barcelona paid Liverpool for Phillipe Countinho? And how big is the Premier League anyway?


Episode 1: 10 October 2019

Asset strippers, sociopaths and idiots. How Bury Football Club was allowed to die due to negligence and greed. https://share.transistor.fm/s/cb5acec7